It was wonderful to see so many of you at the last social including a number of Ukrainian friends; we missed those of you who couldn’t make it. Many thanks again to GSRC for their hospitality. Below is summary of key points from the meeting:

  1. We are setting up a buddy system connecting a person/family who is not hosting with a person/family who is and their guests. This is to enrich the guests’ experience and to support the hosts. This will be particularly important as the summer approaches. There may be issues around DBS checks and we are investigating these. If you are not hosting and are interested in being a buddy, please use go to ‘Pledge Offer of Support tab’. If you would like a buddy allocated, please use the contact us form. The intention is not to replace all the informal (and amazing) support which is underway, but as a way of facilitating connecting people.
  2. Oasiss coffee mornings will be on Wednesdays starting 25th May from10-12 at Little Shelford All Saints Church. For details, see News and Events tab.
  3. Regular clothes hub will be held at the GS Rugby club. We’d be interested to know from people already here whether this is an immediate need. We already have some clothes in very good condition but are looking for more women’s and children’s clothes. There will be no charge.
  4. There is information on the Resources page about English language classes in Cambridge and we are pursuing the possibility of holding some locally; watch this space. Another suggestion was a regular slot when volunteers could listen to people read – particularly when children are not yet in school or when they break up for the summer.
  5. The committee is very keen to delegate to others who can take responsibility for a particular event, but we can wholeheartedly support them. We are, for example, keen to encourage people to run some evening/weekend activities. There may be funding available to support these, but we need people (other than hosts) to take a lead on this. This could include a guided walk around Cambridge, help with putting together job applications, a game of cricket/croquet/badminton/football etc., … the list goes on. We would particularly welcome ideas from our Ukrainian guests! We need to know what you need from us.
  6. Please use the ‘contact us’ form on this website as the main method of communication and spread the word about the initiative (and the website) to all your friends and contacts.