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Visa Guidance and Host’s Experience

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Visa Guidance from Joanna Jasiewicz

Below you may find a link to start the visa application process:

An online visa application is required per each connected guest (whether an adult or a child) and host. Either the host can complete it on their and the guest’s behalf (if the guest is an adult), or vice versa. 

Below you may find a link to a document with guidance that may be useful, prepared by a host who submitted an application at the end of March on behalf of a mother and her two children (the mother had a passport, the kids had only birth certificates):
This document has been offered on the UK Charity Asylum Welcome website:

Practically speaking, it may be sensible for the host and the guest(s) to access the list of questions required in the application process, arrange a phone or virtual call if possible, and go through the questions together. The guest(s) and the host will need to agree who will type in the answers in the online application form and upload the documents requested at the end of the online application process. Whoever does that, will need the information from the other person so a level of trust is needed.

The list of questions asked in the online visa application can be accessed here  (source of the document: Charity Asylum Welcome with the caveat that the process may change and the list of questions might no longer be 100% accurate).

It is also possible to complete the application together in a sense that the host and guest(s) are all on the phone or virtually on Zoom or Skype etc., while one of them types in the information. The person who completes the form could be sharing their screen so that the other person sees the process. If the understanding of English of the guest is limited they may need a friend who can speak English to help them.

More information about the visa process, guidance for the hosts, and frequently asked questions can be accessed on the following government websites:

Visa Application – Host’s experience

By Susie Everett & Gaby Barnard

We had considered our situation and already registered for Homes for Ukraine Scheme.  

When OASISS put a group to us, we met our Guests online a few times, to get comfortable.   We used a Whatsapp Group, as we were all in different locations.  

Once everyone was happy to proceed, we sent them the Visa questions (both English and Ukranian).

Our guests documented their answers and sent their information to us, plus scans of supporting documents:

  • International Passport  (essential)
  • Bank statement  (optional)  Could also be a utility bill.

We gathered our own documents and scans of our passports.

We arranged a group Whatsapp call with our guests.  With them on the line with us, we proceeded to the Visa application website and started to complete the form.

We used our own email address and created a password to login to each application form.

We completed all the questions – both for the Host and the Applicant (Ukranian).

        Note: The form is designed to be completed by the ‘Applicant’ – the Ukranian Guest, but the early questions are all about the HOST.  Be careful – there have been misunderstandings on this.

We gave our guest’s email address as the contact.  There is a question ‘Is this your email address, or someone else’s ‘ to which you reply ‘Someone else’s’ then enter the guest’s email address.  (Obviously, this does not apply if you have logged in with the guest’s email at the start.) 

At the end of the Application, we submitted and downloaded a copy of the application for each of our Guests.

Then you are directed to another system, by which you can upload the supporting documents.  The documents must be in PDF format.

We shared the login email and password with our guests, so that we could all go back into the Visa application if needed, to check on anything.

All 3 guests completed their applications on the same day, within a couple of hours of each other.  2 received a confirmation email that their ‘Application has been received’ within 24 hours, the 3rd received it within 72 hours.  And similarly, 2 guests

received their ‘Permission to Travel’ letter (via email) within 7 days, whilst the 3rd Guest had to wait 2 weeks.  

Other guests have had to wait a lot longer – generally when the situation is a little complicated by someone travelling with a guardian, rather than their parent.  Or wanting to bring a pet into the country.

The 3 month quarantine for pets can now take place in the Hosts property, provided they do not already have a pet.

You can download above documents for your reference.

Questions (ENG/UKR)

When you press the button below you can find questions that arise in the Visa Application form.  It is useful to share these with your potential guests.  They can then provide their answers to these questions, which will help you when going through the form with your guests.

South Cambs code

Once you are matched and have completed the Visa Application South Cambs District Council contact every Host with information and a code. Email comes from and it’s important to read thoroughly and keep available.  The code is specific to each Host.