Settling in

First Steps

We list the key next steps in a logical order, but they can be completed in a different order, as your situation dictates. 

A few of the steps require reference to the ‘code’ given within the ‘Communities Duty’ email that the Host would have received following the Visa Application submission.  (See Visa Application)

Money – Data Capture Form.  (Refer to Communities Duty email)

As soon as your guests arrive ideally – the Host should complete the Data Capture Form, which triggers delivery of a pre-paid card with an introductory £350 for each guest.  

Red Cross £50

Call the Red Cross on 0808 1963651 (Option 1)
You will need your guests’ name, date of birth, email address, telephone number as well as your own home address.  If you have multiple guests, you can apply of behalf of each of them, but one will need to be the ‘MAIN contact’ You can give your own email address at the contact address instead.

Within a few days, the ‘main contact’ should receive an email from the Red Cross, asking the guest to verify their details.  Within a few weeks, a prepaid card to the value, should arrive at your address.  The Red Cross are extremely busy with this, so it will take a little while to be processed.

SIM card

Mobile phone companies change their offers all the time.  Three companies are all within the Grand Arcade, Cambridge.  At the time of writing the following were on offer:

  • 3UK – a free sim and completely free service (data, calls, text) for 1 month.  Coverage is acceptable.
  • O2 – 1 year, 20GB data, unlimited text and minutes – £15/month (Hosts who are Existing O2 users, can get a discount of 20% off for their guests – ask in-store)
  • Vodafone – some very cheap deals with Vodafone Basics online via USwitch, but you get no support in-store with this.  

1 year of 10GB data unlimited text and minutes £16/mth was the best we could do on the day. 

BRP: Visa extended to 3yrs Residency

This requires your guests to go in person, with their documents, to one of a number of centres.  The closest are Cambridge (scroll to the bottom of the list) or Luton. This has to be completed within the first 3 months.

NB:  Appointments are being booked a month or more in advance.  

Read more here:  


The local medical centre is part of a group of medical centres across South Cambs. Go to the following website and look for the option to ‘Register’


Finding an NHS Dentist locally is very difficult.  One host wrote (early July) : Our guest has found a dentist taking new NHS patients through this site: and has an appointment in August. It is worth checking it regularly and seeing which dentists have a recent post that they are taking new patients.

Register with the Job Centre

For those looking for work, it is wise to register with the Job Centre as soon as possible.  Not only to be aware of available positions, but it is also the first step towards being able to claim Job Seekers Allowance and/or Universal Credit.  

Students who are still in full-time education in Ukraine and continuing their studies online may also qualify for benefits.


Our guests may well be carrying trauma with them that is not immediately obvious and which may come to light until some time after they have arrived.  Hosts need to be alert to this, be understanding and empathetic and supportive.  If there is concern that professional help may be needed, hosts can reach out to for some local support and we can put you in touch with a professional.

The following links may also be helpful:

Psychology Tools

Places of Worship

1. St Ephraim Orthodox Parish

Parish Church of St Clement, Bridge Street, CB2 1UF
Contact Father Raphael Armour
01223 322498

Father Raphael has an international congregation including Ukrainian and Russians
worshipping together. He would like to emphasise ‘that ethnic origin is secondary to living in
love and peace with each other because, ultimately, our citizenship is in heaven’. All
Ukrainian guests are welcome to worship with them.

Normal services as follows

  • Great Vespers on a Saturday 17:00 (Confessions 15:30)
  • Divine Liturgy on a Sunday at 08:00

2. St John the Evangelist Romanian Orthodox Parish

St Gile’s Church, Castle Street, Cambridge CB3 0AQ
Contact Fr Dragos Herescu email: 07805972718

Services every Sunday 10:30am

3. The Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption and the English Martyrs – Cambridge Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1JR

4. Greek Orthodox Church of St Athanasios

154 Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge CB1 7AJ
Archdiocese of Tyateira & Great Britain
Community chairman Mr George Pippas – 07789 461 229.
A church service every Sunday from 9AM to 12 Midday.