We are hoping to set up some English classes in Great Shelford for the OASISS Ukrainians hosted locally and others nearby. These will most likely happen 2-3 times a week for adults, with children learning through play nearby and continuing with their reading in English (where appropriate) over the summer holidays. 

To that end, we are looking for people who have time to offer on a regular basis to help with classes, or with a family to help them improve their English; this is vital for adults looking for employment as well as for children integrating into schools here. We understand that people have summer holidays booked and are not expecting volunteers to be here every week, but we would like people to offer some commitment to the program. We are looking for:

  • TEFL or ESOL trained teachers who have some experience (no matter how long ago!) of teaching English to adults
  • Teachers who have classroom experience with children, who would be prepared to help with children’s classes/activities
  • Volunteers who would be happy to help with the program for adults or children

We already have a number of volunteers, but are looking to hear from others locally, who may have appropriate skills – from however recently or long ago!

Please email openarmsgranta@gmail.com giving details of how you might be able to help and put English Language Classes in the email header.